Our Products

All of our products are imported directly from Turkey and most of them are handmade. Countless hours of detailed workmanship goes into the creation of every single product in our range.

Our traditional Turkish hand crafted mosaic lamps are made using the same techniques as those used by artisans hundreds of years ago and are nearly impossible to find outside of Turkey. Our suppliers are a family company that provides opportunities for women to make the lamps from home or their workshop depending on their circumstances. The shades have a clear glass mould with stained glass pieces used to make the mosaic design on the external surface. These are secured with a mix of glue and grout. Only stained glass is used and this is important because painted or film covered glass will fade or peel in time. Ceiling lamps come with a ceiling rose to conceal unsightly wiring. It is important to remember that each piece is unique - so while we provide you with a list of available models, because they are handmade, no two will be exactly the same - it is normal for there to be slight variations in two lamps of the same design.

Our ceramics are sourced from Kutahya, one of the two main centers of ceramic production in Turkey. Ceramic products from Kutahya and Iznik were highly sought after during the days of the Ottoman empire because of their high quality workmanship and intricate designs, and today you can still see Kutahya and Iznik tiles decorating mosques and other prestigious buildings throughout Turkey. We travel to Kutahya every year to personally check the quality of workmanship of our producers and to select our range of ceramics each year. The craftsmen of Kutahya continue to use the same designs and production methods today as those that have been used for centuries. Every piece in the Kabartma range is handmade and therefore unique. Each piece will vary from those represented on this website as they are all one of a kind pieces.

Our range of textile products is created using fabrics with traditional Turkish designs. Ottoman period fabrics were highly regarded by the court and a great deal of effort was put into the workmanship. As a result, fabrics from Turkey continue to be highly regarded for their quality. Traditional Ottoman design fabrics featured bright, contrasting colours and often tulip or carnation motifs. Many fabrics contained gold threads. While the colours of our fabric are consistent, the pattern may vary slightly from one item to the other due to the cut of the fabric.

Our biggest pride is our vast collection of handmade Turkish and Persian rugs and kilims. These are unique pieces carrying on centuries old traditional motifs and techniques. As well as being one of the most indispensable elements of interior decoration, rugs have long been considered a precious gift, migrating on the routes of conquest and trade, carrying their patterns from one place to another. They can truly be considered works of art and will surely add a magnificent accent to any kind of interior, modern or traditional. With our many years of experience in the trade of handmade rugs we can help you select the piece that will best suit your needs and your taste.