Handmade Rug Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the first and major step towards the preservation of every handmade rug and it is the best defense against damage. How often a rug should be cleaned depends very much on the type of rug and on its use: every household exposes a rug to a different amount of traffic, wear and dirt.

Cleaning should be done by professionals, experienced in caring of handmade rugs. With the right type of care you can preserve your handmade rug for many years, keeping the fibers and pile intact and the colours bright and lively.

We believe that every handmade rug is a small piece of art and should be preserved in the best way. This is why at Turkish Magic we offer professional cleaning services for your handmade rugs. We work with highly experienced professionals only to guarantee that your rug will get the best possible care.

Please contact us for more details on your rug cleaning. For larger sizes we can arrange for home pick up and return of your rug.